Nonferrous Metals Products


Main Products and Spec.
Main products: brass series, copper series, lead frame series, phosphor bronze series,
and white bronze series. As structured below.

Alloy and state

ALLOY C10100 C10200 C10300 C11000 C12200 C19210 C19400
C22000 C23000 C24000 C26000 C26200 C26800 C27000
C27400 C51910 C52100 C75210 C77010
TEMPER SH EH H 3/4 H 1/2 H 1/4 H O

Main products and Spec.(mm)

 Cold Rolling   Hot Rolling
 Sheet   Strip Sheet
Thickness Width Length Thickness Width Thickness Width Length
0.5~3.0 305~1220 1000~4000 0.05~3.0 20~610 9~20 660~1280 2000~4000
0.5~3.0 305~1220

We can produce the products according to American, Japanese, German, Chinese and other standards.

Typical Products Application

 bianyaqitongdai    Transformer strip



Properties and applications: high conductivity, round edge no burr, mainly used for transformer. 

 zhuangshiyongtongbandai    Decoration copper sheet and strip



Properties and applications: max. width is 1220mm, good flatness, used for making copper door. 

 shepindianlantongdai    Radio frequency cable strip

Alloy :C10100、C10200、C11000

Spec. :0.10~0.70×20~610mm

Properties and applications: max. length is 7000m, uniform thickness, high conductivity, mainly used for making radio frequency cable.

 huangtongbandai    Brass sheet and strip 

Alloy :C2680



Properties and applications: good mechanical and process properties, lustrous surface, which is suited to make various terminals, automobile radiator, hardware, button, decoration material, machine components and so on. 

 xinbaitongdai      White Bronze Strip 

Alloy :C75210    C77010


Properties and applications: good mechanical, rolling and welding properties, which is suited to make precise instruments and various components for medical equipment, communication equipment and health facilities, as well as elastic elements, tablewares and commodities. 

 linqingtongdai    Phosphor Bronze Strip

Alloy:C51910    C52100


Properties and applications: good extensibility and deep-drawing performance, high strength and hardness, as well as excellent comprehensive performance, which is suited to make electronic spring, switch, lead frame, connector, diaphragm and so on. 


   Lead Frame Strip

Alloy:C19210    C19400


Properties and applications: high strength, conductivity, precision and temperature resistance, appropriate processability, electroplating and brazing property. Mainly used for making integrated circuit and discrete device, widely used in the fields of electronic industry, Computer and communications equipment etc.